With our Leasing Only Service IPM will conduct an initial property inspection and make all necessary recommendation to ensure the greatest marketability of your property. We then market the property through print ads, posting to IPM website and other syndicated sites.

After identifying prequalified applicants, we then submit them to rigorous credit and reference checks. Upon approval we will prepare the (CAR) Residential Lease Agreement with any additional agreed upon addendums. A complete move in of approved tenant(s) will be performed consisting of move in photos and a move in checklist. At which point, rent and security deposit payments will be collected.

Upon completion of move in, owner will be provided with tenant(s) lease agreement, application(s), credit report and all relevant documents and payments. Owner will be provided an initial financial statement. Owner will also be responsible for all maintenance request once property is occupied.

If you have any questions regarding our Lease Only Service or would like to speak with a team member of IPM: Integral Property Management, please contact us at

one of our expert representatives will be happy to assist you!